sidewalk-bikeYou have seen them on Lonsdale’s busy sidewalks.  You have seen them on side street sidewalks. You seem them every day, and their number is growing.  They are North Vancouver’s “sidewalk cyclists,” bicycle riders who neither know nor care that it is dangerous and illegal to ride on sidewalks. The public has seen and reported them, and the RCMP have seen them, and the police have decided to issue a press release warning sidewalk cyclists that it is time to cease and desist from their unruly behaviour.

While sharing sidewalks is legal is some cities in the US, the BC Motor Vehicle Act lists the rights and duties of the operator of a bicycle. It states in part under Section 183 (1) that, in addition to the duties imposed by this section, a person operating a bicycle on a highway has the same rights and duties as a driver of a vehicle. A person operating a bicycle must not ride on a sidewalk.

This solves the old argument as to whether a cyclist is a pedestrian or a driver. The law is clear that a cyclist is a vehicle facing the same laws as a motorist. It should be noted that the fine for riding a bike on the sidewalk is $109.00 and that the North Vancouver RCMP is increasing its street patrols and enforcement concerning this infraction.

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