seminar-1 Mr. Geoff Pershick, a real estate advisor with Sutton West Coast Realty and publisher of Lonsdale Life (, along with business partner Dimitri Katsiris, hosted a real estate seminar recently to give prospective buyers of the upcoming Polygon condo building inside information about the development. Judging by the response, there is huge interest in the Polygon property, which has been named the “Promenade”.

Mr. Pershick explained that, as opposed to some other developers on the North Shore, Polygon has earned an excellent reputation for top quality developments with an eye towards the best possible quality, both in construction and finishings. Site 8, as it has been known to date, is proposed as a 12-storey mixed-use tower containing 117 one, two and three-bedroom units and 14,700 square feet of commercial space.

In exchange for a boost in density and height and the city owned parking lot, Polygon will give the city the 16,000-square-foot first-floor space, with an estimated value of $11 million.  This space will be used as the new home of the North Shore Museum. The deal also includes $3.6 million in cash, a 40-foot wide public mews linking Esplanade with Carrie Cates Court, along with public art and lighting to beautify the ICBC underpass.

Mr. Pershick went into great detail in regards to all the details required to place a bid on a unit, mortgaseminar-2ge rates, and how to deal with banking requirements. In fact, there were several staff members from local banks present at the meeting. Participants in the seminar were impressed with the information Mr. Pershick provided and stayed to engage the banking & legal teams that were there to help answer questions.

Mr. Pershick also explained that Lonsdale Life would be a new online community service that allows readers to learn about new community initiatives and participate more fully in community life. He urged seminar attendees to share news and information about community organizations that were in need of publicity. Finally, he informed his guests that a new Lonsdale Life office would open at 109 Lonsdale Avenue in early October.

By Staff Reporter

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