In this day and age of beauty parlours, pedicure shops and laser care surgery specialists, it’s good to know that there are still old-fashioned barber shops where you can go for a trim and a chat and not have to mortgage your house to do so. Right in the heart of our community on Lonsdale there are at least three (forgive us if we missed one) doing booming business.  In fact, all three were so busy every time we tried to do an interview, the barbers were to busy to talk. They were talking to their own customers, which is part and parcel of the entire business.

On the middle section of Lonsdale, Guido’s barber shop has been doing a roaring business forever. There is always a line up, but there isn’t a cash register. That’s right, at Guido’s they don’t take plastic. They haven’t got around to that fancy new development called credit cards yet. If you don’t have cash, they’ll suggest you wander down the street to a bank and get some folding money. Yes, they will trust you to come back. What other store do you know that will do that?  Last we heard, it was $20 for a basic trim. For men, that is.

Still on the middle section of Lonsdale, Save On cuts will lower your ears for cash or credit. The shop is in the middle of many other Persian shops and acts as a social centre for many local business people. You will certainly get a free conversation out of the deal. Last we heard the price was $16 but the sign showing that price has disappeared from the window.

Down on Lower Lonsdale, the aptly named Lonsdale Barber Shop still sports the same old-fashioned red and white barber pole. According to Wikipedia, the red and white pole outside barber shops references a time when barbers were expected to perform bloodletting and other medical procedures to heal the sick. Red represented blood and white represented the bandages. Come to think of it, if you’ve ever been to a training school to get a free haircut, you may have had a haircut like that yourself.

By Staff Reporter

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