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It seems every week a new store, market or café opens up in the Lower Lonsdale neighbourhood, or LoLo as some are calling it. No store/café exemplifies the change in the community more than Buddha-Full. Is it a restaurant or café? Or is it a little slice of heaven on earth?

Actually, it’s both. Stroll down to 106 West 1st Street, around the corner from Lonsdale and check it out for yourself. This little block is changing dramatically. Grab a smoothie and sit outside and people watch. There are 20 smoothies from which to choose. Try the Buddha-licious, cold-pressed apple juice with blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and banana. Or the buddha-buzz, with sprouted almond milk, raw cacao, espresso, banana and dates.

Looking for a snack? Wrap your hands around a wrap, perhaps a mumbai with chickpea, masala, eggplant, spinach and mango. Really hungry? Bite into a sandwich, panini or oder the daily soup. Got a sweet tooth? Try the daily special. Every had an acai bowl? Dive into the Berry Bliss, gluten-free granola with acai and berries. As the menu says, it’s “every day plant-based food, organic and vegan and gluten-free and raw.” It doesn’t get much healthier than that.

There are several tables at which to sit inside, and the outdoor patio is full when it’s sunny, but there appears to be a lot of take-out happening as well. There may be a line-up when you enter but it moves quickly. The café may be the only location in North Vancouver where you can purchase a package of cordyceps, a bizarre mushroom/fungus that only grows at high altitudes in the Himalayas and is reputed to create wonderful energy when mixed in a tea.

Buddha-Full was created five years ago by friends Geremie Voight and Kyla Rawlins, the first raw, vegan, organic location on the North Shore. It seems they were maybe ahead of their time, but the community is changing and finally catching up. Open 8 am to 8 pm. The website makes reference to various events held at the café that will also make your life better. Sign up and find out what that’s all about and let us know. We’ll share with everyone in the community.

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