The staff at Lonsdale Life has a problem. The new office on Lonsdale is on a block with four restaurants. Right down the street is a fifth, which may end up as the unofficial “meating space” for staff when they get hungry. Hidden away next to the Lonsdale Barber Shop, which at least advertises itself with its traditional red and white barber pole signs, you’ll find Meat at O’Neills, which looks a lot like a butcher shop from the outside but is really a fine little café on the inside where they serve up tasty sandwiches like Montreal smoked meats. They’ve been open just over a year, gaining a reputation for the best sandwiches in the Lower Lonsdale neighbourhood.

Martin O’Neill is the proprietor. Formerly from Dublin, he earlier owned a pub on the Mediterranean coast. Pop by and ask him the details. He’ll tell you he is proudly serving locally sourced meats, craft beers, ciders and bread these days, open for breakfast, lunch and Friday and Saturday dinner.  Slow roasted meat sandwiches go for $9.

Other sandwiches include spicy Mexican meat loaf. Or ground chuck, smoked bacon and hot pork sausage topped with spicy tomato sauce and melted Provolone. Check out the Island Valley Farms beef brisket braised in a red wine, garlic and herb jus. Served with crunchy house slaw.  Or the Pulled Pork Shoulder double smoked, topped with homemade BBQ sauce. Or the Black Forest bratwurst and sauerkraut.

Dinner?  Featured specials include freshly prepared and slow cooked chili’s, curries, stews, and hot pots. Local craft beers are on tap, and juices and pop are on hand for the little ones. Guinness goes for $6 per, and as we all know Guinness is good for you. Say hello to Martin for us. We’ll meat you there.

By staff reporter

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