Two Daughters signThere is a little sign at the entrance to the alley between Esplanade and West 1st Avenue. If you stop and look closely, you’ll note it says Two Daughters Bakery. In smaller print, it also says 121 East 1st (rear of building). Those are the only directions you will find to help you find the hardest shop to find in all of Lolo.  Memorize the information because there is no sign if/when you find the bakery.

Two Daughters bakery serves the local neighbourhood with a scrumptious selection of pastries and assorted treats. Cakes, breads, pastries, the works. Every product made on the premises is vegan and gluten free. Don’t expect to sit down and enjoy a meal; there’s no room. Just outside there is a tiny porch with a bench and two chairs, but the expectation is that most people eat and run.

Obviously you need to know where the bakery is located or you would never find it. Locals do. If you ask, they may say it’s “in LoLo Lane,” which is shown on Google maps.  There is no sign for LoLo lane. It is the only lane in Lower Lonsdale (which loLo stands for) with its own name see this website. This is all a mystery, but it adds to the fun of exploring the neighbourhood.

P1310968Should have time on your hands and enjoy strolling, wander down the lane eastward and keep your eyes out for another tiny sign.  This only says “Rayne Factory Outlet.” If it’s not raining and the door is open, you will find the “hardest to find store in North Vancouver that is not a bakery.” It’s a skateboard factory. Obviously the local boarders know it’s there, but obviously the public doesn’t.  Why would you?

The staff at Rayne say they know the laneway is officially titled LoLo Lane, although they confess they don’t know why.  Only locals know things like that. It’s amazing what you discover when you stroll around the Lower Lonsdale community, sticking your nose into things. Or is that the LoLo community? No one knows for sure.

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