After over 30 years serving fans and chocolate lovers in West Vancouver, Daniel le Chocolate Belge has opened a location at 1667 Lonsdale. It’s a tiny shop, and if you are a fast walker you may not notice it at all. Except, perhaps, for the wonderful aromas that waft forth whenever a happy customers opens the door. As the name indicates, the store is a purveyor of fine Belgian chocolate, but step inside and you’ll find there’s much more available.

Chocolates are certainly for sale, but Daniel (the owner) long ago made a reputation for fine pastries as well.  This location is more of a café than a chocolatier, serving up salads, sandwiches, ice cream and Belgian waffles. Daniel’s chocolates taste rich and flavourful without the need of artificial flavour additives. You will never find preservatives, artificial flavourings and hydrogenated or tropical fats in his recipes.

Aside from buying chocolates one by one, the investigative shopper will learn there are gift boxes available and seasonal products. The “fall collection,” for instance, offers up Thanksgiving treats, maple leaf lollipops, fall figurines, pumpkin good bag. There are Christmas, Valentines and other seasonal specials as well.

Should you simply be in the mood for a coffee, you’ll find that Daniel offers his customers a free piece of chocolate, either light of dark. Of course, once you bite into your free slice you are likely to want to taste more. Bulk, wholesale, fundraising and other orders can be found on the website. Dial up for more information.

By Staff Reporter

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