Everybody in Canada is crazy for hockey. OK, not all, but most. Everyone in Vancouver buys hockey gear somewhere. However, there are only a small handful of stores where the staff really knows their stuff.  Larry’s is one such place in North Vancouver. Located right across the street from London Drugs on Lonsdale, Larry’s is the place to go when you need advice or to get some equipment custom fitted.

Suppose those skates you bought elsewhere don’t fit right.  Take them to Larry’s. They might take your skates on commission and sell them for you, or set you up with a pair that fit properly. Need sharpening? Larry’s can get them done in no time at all. Looking for a sweater or full equipment for the new year?  It’s all here. Thinking of a Christmas present?  This is the place.

You may be able to find equipment elsewhere at a cheaper price, but you won’t get expert advice to go along with it. The staff will even custom design inserts for your skates so they fit right. Of course they have all the latest carbon fibre sticks that cost as much as a new bicycle, but that’s the way the hockey world is going. Equipment keeps getting better, but it doesn’t come cheap. Don’t forget a cage or visor for your helmet, mouth guard for your teeth, and a bag to put it all into. The pros shop here; you should too.


By Staff Writer

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