“The times they are a’changin.’”  At one time cyclists on the North Shore could put their bikes in a bike rack and go shopping without worrying about theft. Those days are long gone. Early in 2016 the RCMP issued warnings about thieves prowling back yards for unlocked bikes and selling them online or in the Downtown Eastside. At that time North shore bike owners were encouraged to register their bike with NVGYBB (North Van Get Your Bike Back) program.

Now comes the latest development, thanks to the rainy winter weather.  Police in North Vancouver have recently received several complaints of stolen bikes that were stored for the winter in garages and garden sheds. One stolen bike was valued at over $4000. The odds of getting your stolen bike back are greatly increased when it is registered in the police data system.

North Vancouver RCMP has had great success in returning stolen bikes to their rightful owners when the owners had previously taken the time to register them with NVGYBB. Police were able to check and verify that the bike, still in the bike thief’s possession, was theirs. All police agencies across B.C. have access to this information through the shared police data system.

“Whether you ride your bike all year round or store it for the winter, take a few minutes and send us your bikes particulars along with a picture,” said Cpl. Richard De Jong of the North Vancouver RCMP. “There is peace of mind in knowing that when your bike is registered it will help in getting it back and support attaining criminal charges if ever it is stolen. There is no cost to you to register your bike. “

Secure underground parking lots at apartment/condo complexes are continually targeted every year, and in all seasons. Avoid leaving your bike on or in your vehicle as thieves find ways into the secure underground parking lots. If you are required to store your bike in a designated area, such as a bike locker, use a high quality lock as well and take the extra step of removing the seat or a wheel. Never lock your bike by the front wheel only. Always lock your bike with two quality locks; use a U-lock and a cable lock. By using more than one style of lock it will take thieves two types of tools and twice as much time to steal your bike.

Cyclists are urged to contact NVGYBB to register your bike now. If your bike is stolen in North Vancouver contact police at 604-985-1311. Register at http://nvan.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=1493&languageId=1&contentId=-1

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