As if there isn’t enough construction happening on the North Shore, a huge new project named the Green Necklace is under way on Grand Boulevard. According to the City website, the Green Necklace is a “proposed urban greenway encircling the urban centre of the City. It will link parks, public spaces and natural habitats and provide safe alternative transportation options and recreation opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

The website also claims: “It will also provide important connections to other trail systems and bicycle routes in the City such as the Ravine Trail System and the North Shore Spirit Trail.  Based on a vision outlined in the City’s original 1907 town plan, the Green Necklace forms a continuous green loop around the Central Lonsdale area and will stretch 7km when complete.”

green-necklace-2Plans and artist renderings on the City website, and on sign boards erected on Grand Boulevard, show a paved path around the perimeter of the exiting green space, with walkers and joggers and cyclists meandering around. In effect, it seems like a circular exercise path.

Again, according the City website, there is a “sustainability qoutient” to the project.

“By providing alternative transportation options with routes between the Lonsdale central business district, major parks and open spaces, the Green Necklace contributes to reducing automobile trips and traffic congestion thereby improving air quality and reducing community greenhouse gas emissions. The Green Necklace also provides a network of habitat linkages for urban wildlife between existing green spaces with street trees and naturalized landscapes. Along the Green Necklace route, bio swales and rain gardens expose natural processes that are typically covered over in the urban environment.”

Whatever it turns out to be, the project is due for completion by Christmas of this year, and citizens will be able to see for themselves. Extensive information about the project is available at the City website, but there is no mention of cost.


By Staff Reporter

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