If you have young kids around the house and occasionally run out of ideas where to take them for fun, especially on the North Shore, google Find Family Fun, a blog dedicated especially to that same topic. There is no contact information shown on the website, so it’s hard to credit the folks who manage the site, but it seems to get updated regularly. For instance, on the North Shore it mentions Rice Lake and the Seymour Conservation Area as good family destinations. Good ideas both.

Their Top Twenty list includes picnics, bike trips, walks, fishing and driving to local attractions.  They even mention pumpkin patches and corn mazes for Hallowe’en, which is a great idea for little kids (as compared to haunted houses).  There is a long list of pumpkin patches in the Lower Mainland that are listed, which must have taken ages to find and compile.

Even longer is their Activity List, which is comprised of 300+ ideas, which must have taken forever to compile.  Everything from parks to museums to berry patches. They are listed alphabetically, so if you are searching for Burnaby as opposed to Richmond, you’ll have no problem finding an area. Many, of course, are from North and West Vancouver because our community has more outdoor activities than we know what to do with. The blog even has data and directions to Whyte Lake in West Vancouver, and any blog that mentions a destination that is well hidden deserves a word of thanks.



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