traffic-lightThe North Vancouver RCMP Traffic Services recently began a three-month educational awareness campaign to help change pedestrian behavior at intersections.  There are several key areas of concern in North Vancouver that will be targeted to help reduce pedestrian vehicle collisions. The first is increased awareness of the countdown clock buy nolvadex Online. Police wish to remind pedestrians that the clock indicates ‘time left to clear the intersection.’ It does NOT mean ‘time to start walking,’ as many pedestrians seem to indicate with their behavior.

Records from 2011 to 2015 indicate that Marine Drive and Hanes Avenue had seven pedestrian related injuries. Lonsdale Avenue and 15th Street had four pedestrian injuries with Chesterfield Avenue and 3rd Street also recording four pedestrian injuries. Police indicate that both motorist and pedestrian behaviours must change, especially at controlled intersections. It seems many pedestrians are ignoring the “don’t walk” warnings.

Then there is the question of the weather and visibility. According to the RCMP, the odds of a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle increases dramatically during the period of October through December. This is due to a number of contributing factors such as increased rain, fog, and snow that creates slippery road surfaces and causes poorer visibility. There are fewer daylight hours, meaning more people are walking more hours in the dark. Plus there is the reality that many pedestrians do not wear any reflective clothing to make them themselves more easily seen by vehicle drivers at night. There is also the mistaken belief held by many pedestrians in the Greater Vancouver region that pedestrians always have the right of way.

Traffic Officers are stationed at various intersections in North Vancouver handing out educational awareness pamphlets to all violators prior to the next phase, which will be the enforcement initiative of this project. RCMP are clear that the BC Motor Vehicle Act lists several offences related to the duties of vehicles and pedestrians, and the fines that go with these offences. For instance, the Disobey Pedestrian Control Device (walk – don’t walk) – Sec 132(3) brings with it a fine of $109. The Fail to Obey Traffic Control Device (red-green-amber) – Sec 125 fine is $121. Jaywalking or the Fail to Use Cross Walk – Sec 133 fine is $109. Best to wear bright clothing and obey the traffic laws at all times, especially during the fall and winter months.

 By Staff Reporter

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