Lower Lonsdale, or LoLo if you prefer, is the fastest growing community on the entire North Shore. The blocks between Esplanade and 4th Avenue are bursting with new businesses. Construction is ongoing. New properties are being developed. As with any community, there is one constant and that is crime. Just as no house can be built without a kitchen and toilet, no community can be developed without safety and prevention built in.

The Lower Lonsdale Community Police Station is found at 112 East Third, just off Lonsdale. It is an inconspicuous little building, and if truth were told it’s not always open because the staff is often busy in the community. The office is managed by Sandeep Manhas, with an official title of Office/Volunteer Coordinator, a North Vancouver city employee. Job One for Manhas may be to find more volunteers.

What do volunteers do?  The list is endless. How about Speed Watch and Intersection Watch? Volunteers are equipped with radar guns and sent out to track and measure safety infractions. How many people are running red lights? Are drivers speeding through certain zones?

Then there is Business Link, a service provided to all businesses that sign up for it. Shoplifting?  Fraudulent phone and online scams? Graffiti issues?  There are issues that occur in every community that need to be addressed.

E: Sandeep.manhas@rcmp-grc-gc.ca

112 East Third Street

Ph: 604-969-7465


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