Look Think Go. That’s the advice offered to motorists learning to deal with increased number of cyclists in the community. The creation of more walking and cycling facilities in the City, along with the benefits of increased physical activity has resulted in more people choosing active forms of transportation. This creates an opportunity to provide information about how to safely share our City streets and pathways.

The City’s Look, Think and Go program encourages City residents and visitors to use safe travel practices, to be respectful of all street and pathway users (including pedestrians, cyclists, scooter users, skateboarders, and motorists), and to encourage and support residents in using all active forms of transportation.

In this program you’ll find information about how to use the various transportation facilities in the City, including more unique features such as bike boxes and crosswalks with elephant’s feet, as well as information about the proper etiquette when using on and off-road pathways such as bike lanes, shared use lanes and multi-use paths. Be sure to also check out the Look Think Go video at http://www.cnv.org/your-government/living-city/transportation/look-think-go/video-gallery/look-think-go


From CNV website http://www.cnv.org

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