For children and families looking for fun and safe play, the City has developed a map showing places to play and things to do. It’s a child friendly, family focused map designed for the young children ages 5 to 12. The animated, whimsical, colourful map highlights the City’s many parks, places of interest, public art, bike routes, free and low cost activities, recreation centres, as well as places to observe nature nolvadex australia.

The map shows children how they can interact with their community, find their favourite locations and discover new favourites. The map includes a scavenger hunt featuring fun public art pieces, unique sights and nature throughout the City. It’s an exploration tool tailored to encourage activity, as well as new and fun ways to enjoy our community through the eyes of a child with parents at their side, exploring the City by foot, bike or bus. There’s also a section depicting native and invasive plants throughout the City to help connect kids with our natural environment.

Harbourside, Foot of Lonsdale and Moodyville are highlighted as exploration areas. Playgrounds, schools, trails, bike tracks, public washrooms as well as the Spirit Trail and Green Necklace are all identified.

The map was designed in-house by City staff, the concept was developed by Councillor Linda Buchanan and the City’s CNV4ME task force as a family engagement tool to empower children in our community to discover more about where they live. The map also provides information about free and low-cost activities.

Click here to download your map.

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