RCMP Looking to Hire New Officers

Diversity in police hiring practices brings with it the advantage of North Vancouver officers being able to break the language barrier in many interactions in its community. Of the 130 RCMP officers posted to North Vancouver, almost 60 officers speak at least one additional language. In addition to the 20 French speaking officers, some of the languages spoken include Farsi, Arabic, Italian, Bulgarian, Russian, Cantonese, Croatian, Serbian, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, German, Swiss German, Greek, Gujarati, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portugese, Turkish and Kurdish.

Hollywood North in love with North Vancouver

The first truck arrives precisely at 7 a.m., just as the flyer left the day before in the mailbox attests it will. Within five minutes large white tents magically pop up on the street like mushrooms. A giant boom truck shows up next, and assorted smaller trucks with lighting, cables, wire, gadgets, props, food and actors. It’s just like the circus came to town. It’s Hollywood North in action.

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Real estate deals are collapsing in B.C. for buyers and sellers who missed the deadline to be exempt from the recently created 15 per cent foreign-buyer aimed tax. Realtors estimate that 3,000-4,000 deals are in limbo, as they had not closed before the tax came into effect Aug. 2. It’s not clear yet how many deals have collapsed, but Fraser Valley realtors in North Delta, Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Abbotsford and Mission B.C. say foreign investors are indeed backing out of agreements because of the tax.

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The Upper Lonsdale community is so small no doubt a lot of North Shore residents don’t know it’s even there. Sure, there’s the Queen’s Cross pub and a Starbucks, so you can get a beverage in your hour of need. There’s a mini-mall with a 7/11, a bike store, a pizza outlet and some offices. But the most interesting business that makes the community a destination for shoppers is the unique Queensdale grocery.

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Have you had crows, skunks or raccoons digging up your lawn? Looks like you are a victim of the European chafer beetle infestation. You are not alone. There has been an epidemic of beetles in North Vancouver and all over the lower mainland. If we get another summer of drought, the cost to homeowners to repair lawns will be astronomical. Best to take precautions right now.

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In November 2013, City of North Vancouver council passed a motion from Rod Clark committing the city to have the aging Harry Jerome Recreation Centre designed by the time the District of North Vancouver’s William Griffin Recreation Centre opened. Nearly three years later, the District’s Griffin Centre is nearing completion while the City’s plans for a new recreation centre remain on the back burner. However, that may finally be about to change.