When discussing the topic of housing affordability on the North Shore, analysts often forget to include the cost of transportation in their figures. So writes Don Peters in an OpEd article published recently in the North Shore News. Peters makes mention of the new Hollyburn Rental building next to City Hall as one example, where 144 new one, two and three-bedroom units have been added to the rental stock in the city, but it’s the location (transit at the front door) that can save renters up to $1,000 per month in costs,  if they take the bus. Read the full commentary at the URL below.

Don Peters is a housing advocate and chairman of the North Shore’s Community Housing Action Committee, a department of North Shore Community Resources, a registered not-for-profit under the Society Act of British Columbia and a registered charity regulated by the Canada Revenue Agency. NSCR’s mandate is to promote a healthy, strong and connected community by serving residents and organizations on the North Shore. Lonsdale Life welcomes their participation in community dialogue. http://www.nsnews.com/opinion/other-voices-transportation-key-to-housing-affordability-1.2737188

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