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Have you had crows, skunks or raccoons digging up your lawn? Looks like you are a victim of the European chafer beetle infestation. You are not alone. There has been an epidemic of beetles in North Vancouver and all over the lower mainland. If we get another summer of drought, the cost to homeowners to repair lawns will be astronomical. Best to take precautions right now.

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In November 2013, City of North Vancouver council passed a motion from Rod Clark committing the city to have the aging Harry Jerome Recreation Centre designed by the time the District of North Vancouver’s William Griffin Recreation Centre opened. Nearly three years later, the District’s Griffin Centre is nearing completion while the City’s plans for a new recreation centre remain on the back burner. However, that may finally be about to change.

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The initial grades are in, and the newly implemented Compass transit system gets low marks from many North Vancouver Seabus riders. If you plan on taking the Seabus from Lonsdale Quay to downtown, best to know in advance what to expect. Months after implementation, confusion at the gates and ticket machines still remains.

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Once upon a time, before high rise towers and concrete condos sprouted like mushrooms on the north shore, there existed a small, hidden, waterfront community comprised of hand made squatters shacks stretching from the Maplewood Flats to Cates Park. It was home to fishermen, artists, low-income blue collar workers and – for a while in the 1960’s – a hippie community. Then it all disappeared as the neighbourhood modernized and the shacks were removed. A show on this topic called The Blue Cabin is on display at the North Shore Museum (presentation house) on 4th and Chesterfield.

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Blame it on perfect weather. Blame it on the Canucks being out of the playoffs. Blame it on the bossa nova. Whatever the reason, the 2016 summer Friday Night Market at Shipbuilders Square next to Lonsdale Quay opened with a blast, happy crowds noshing down on truck food, listening to live music, strolling the grounds looking to buy crafts, and generally having a great family-style time.

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At last count there were 34,492 McDonalds outlets around the world, over 1,400 of which operate in Canada. There’s one on Lonsdale at 20th. It’s located just north of John 3.16, and there’s certainly only one of those restaurants in the world. If you are fond of Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian or Indonesian food, you are going to love the authentic Malay flavours of John 3.16.

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Restaurants come and go along Lonsdale all the time. The Quizno’s at 16th seems to have disappeared, along with the Chinese restaurant at 15th. Right across the street there’s a new restaurant, except that it’s been there for 40 years and it used to be a pub. Only it still is, sort of.