New museum sure to attract foot traffic to the waterfront

The North Shore is one of the best places in the world in which to live, and a great tourism destination as well because of its many outdoor attractions. Except for one glaring omission that has finally been rectified. Until recently the North Shore had one of the worst museums found in any big city in the world, the awful wreck known as Presentation House. A home for a new museum has finally been found.

Eagle viewing platforms bring species into focus

The next time you spot an eagle perched high in a tree on the North Shore, if you have a camera be sure to take a photo. These are magnificent birds. The North Shore of Burrard Inlet is ideal feeding habitat for Bald eagles. However due to development along the shoreline they are losing their nest trees and their breeding future did not look good. When retired Biologist David Cook heard about the BCIT Rivers Institute Ecological Restoration programme for pocket estuaries along the shoreline of Burrard Inlet he realized that eagles should be part of that upgrade. This is because Bald eagles are a necessary top predator in estuarine habitats. They help to maintain the health of such habitats by removing sick and dead birds and other wildlife.

Turning over a new Leaf in car technology

Let’s face it; Tim Hortons is not the kind of place you would expect to find new technology. At the Park and Tilford Tims, there are always two parking spots open in front of the restaurant. These are supposed to be for electric cars to re-charge, although I had never seen one there before. Then I saw a driver charging his vehicle and felt compelled to ask some questions. “How do you like your car?”

New vitamins store hiding on 16th Street

They say that word of mouth is the best advertising. Signs also come in handy sometime too. Strollers walking down Lonsdale recently may have bumped into a temporary display under an awning on the southwest corner of 16th. It was a weekend of a big storm and the awning looked like it might blow away in the wind. Shivering in the cold and damp were two young ladies attempting to promote nutritional beverages.

Meat at O’Neills for fine food and drink

The staff at Lonsdale Life has a problem. The new office on Lonsdale is on a block with four restaurants. Right down the street is a fifth, which may end up as the unofficial “meating space” for staff when they get hungry. Hidden away next to the Lonsdale Barber Shop, which at least advertises itself with its traditional red and white barber pole signs, you’ll find O’Neals Meats, which looks a lot like a butcher shop from the outside but is really a fine little café on the inside where they serve up tasty sandwiches like Montreal smoked meats. They’ve been open just over a year, gaining a reputation for the best sandwiches in the Lower Lonsdale neighbourhood.

NS News reports Lonsdale up for “Great Street” award

A newcomer to the North Shore arriving via the Seabus and looking north up the steep hill that is Lonsdale might be forgiven if they thought they were in San Francisco. The steepness of the street, the wonderful ambience of the old Victorian buildings, the historic waterfront are all reflective of the City by the Bay. The only thing missing is a cable car to take that newcomer up the hill towards even more interesting attraction

Finding family fun just a click away

If you have young kids around the house and occasionally run out of ideas where to take them for fun, especially on the North Shore, google Find Family Fun, a blog dedicated especially to that same topic. There is no contact information shown on the website, so it’s hard to credit the folks who manage the site, but it seems to get updated regularly. For instance, on the North Shore it mentions Rice Lake and the Seymour Conservation Area as good family destinations. Good ideas both.

Larry’s the only place to buy for hockey

Everybody in Canada is crazy for hockey. OK, not all, but most. Everyone in Vancouver buys hockey gear somewhere. However, there are only a small handful of stores where the staff really knows their stuff.  Larry’s is one such place in North Vancouver. Located right across the street from London Drugs on Lonsdale, Larry’s is the place to go when you need advice or to get some equipment custom fitted.

Suppose those skates you bought elsewhere don’t fit right.  Take them to Larry’s. They might take your skates on commission and sell them for you, or set you up with a pair that fit properly. Need sharpening? Larry’s can get them done in no time at all. Looking for a sweater or full equipment for the new year?  It’s all here. Thinking of a Christmas present?  This is the place.

You may be able to find equipment elsewhere at a cheaper price, but you won’t get expert advice to go along with it. The staff will even custom design inserts for your skates so they fit right. Of course they have all the latest carbon fibre sticks that cost as much as a new bicycle, but that’s the way the hockey world is going. Equipment keeps getting better, but it doesn’t come cheap. Don’t forget a cage or visor for your helmet, mouth guard for your teeth, and a bag to put it all into. The pros shop here; you should too.


By Staff Writer

Crocodile showing up proves Lower Lonsdale’s rapid change

Nothing indicates the rapid change and growth in exciting Lower Lonsdale like the new shops that have been opening. Not long ago the neighbourhood was depressed, with empty storefronts, bars and light industrial shops. The rebuild of the waterfront has changed everything. Condos have emerged in high rise towers where gas stations used to be found. Crocodile Baby shows how much the neighbourhood has grown.

Crocodile Baby first opened its doors in 1999 and since then has expanded to four locations across Vancouver’s Lower Mainland – Kitsilano, Yaletown, North Vancouver and South Surrey. All four Crocodile Baby locations are operated by the same owner, which means their company values and choice of products are consistent across all four stores.

Their core values? Providing customers with healthy, organic and long-lasting strollers, car seats, nursery furniture and baby essentials. Selecting modern products from top-of-the line brands whose values match their own. Ensuring that customers leave the store feeling confident they have a product that is safe and healthy for their child.

For instance, Crocodile Baby Store offers car seat installation inspections by a certified BCAA Child Passenger Safety Educator. Installing a car seat and knowing that it has been correctly installed will be one more item off your list. This service is available for customers who purchase their car seats at any Crocodile Baby Store location. The service is provided at their Kitsilano location during regular store hours. An appointment is necessary.

During the initial re-birth of Lower Lonsdale, a lot of older and retired folks sold their homes and moved into condos. These days, real estate agents report a lot of young professionals buying condos and commuting into Vancouver. Popping up are cafes, salons, organic grocery stores and shops like Crocodile Baby catering to the younger crowd. Enjoy a stroll around the neighbourhood and browse. You’ll be surprised if you haven’t visited in awhile. <a href="http://www.crocodilebaby visit this”> Phone 604-988-7715 for product information and store hours.

By Staff Reporter