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Lolo lane hides some interesting surprises

There is a little sign at the entrance to the alley between Esplanade and West 1st Avenue. If you stop and look closely, you’ll note it says Two Daughters Bakery. In smaller print, it also says 121 East 1st (rear of building). Those are the only directions you will find to help you find the hardest shop to find in all of Lolo. Memorize the information because there is no sign if/when you find the bakery.

New Store in Lower Lonsdale is Buddha-Full

It seems every week a new store, market or café opens up in the Lower Lonsdale neighbourhood, or LoLo as some are calling it. No store/café exemplifies the change in the community more than Buddha-Full. Is it a restaurant or café? Or is it a little slice of heaven on earth?

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At last count there were 34,492 McDonalds outlets around the world, over 1,400 of which operate in Canada. There’s one on Lonsdale at 20th. It’s located just north of John 3.16, and there’s certainly only one of those restaurants in the world. If you are fond of Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian or Indonesian food, you are going to love the authentic Malay flavours of John 3.16.

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Restaurants come and go along Lonsdale all the time. The Quizno’s at 16th seems to have disappeared, along with the Chinese restaurant at 15th. Right across the street there’s a new restaurant, except that it’s been there for 40 years and it used to be a pub. Only it still is, sort of.